Morning adventures || Pippa & The Boys 


Pippa was rather shocked to see the boys still following her. Oh well, Pippa thought, maybe they haven’t made any new friends around here yet. 

“I’m off to meet some friends. And uh,” princess duties? She pondered for a moment, “yeah. Duties.”

They boys let a small but sad sigh come out of their mouths. “Ugh, Princess Duties” they said in unison. “Always taking the fun of everything” Hubert continued. 

The boys turned around, with an unhappy look on their faces. They never got to play with their sister when she had Princess Duties, and never did they when they had their own Prince Duties. 

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Out in the meadow at the edge of the forest, Toothless lay on his side, his paws tucked in for a small nap. He had been riding all day with Hiccup, and was ready for some peace and quiet. Though the hyper dragon was usually so full of energy, it was one of those times where he was just ready to sleep.

His saddle and straps were still attached to him. He didn’t mind though, he planned to go riding that night anyway. His tail curled up at his side, he opened his eyes after a long nap, waking up to the sun setting in the distance. Stretching the toes on his paws, he pulled himself up and licked his lips. He was unaware of the approaching three wee little devils.

The boys couldn’t believe their eyes. It was a dragon! They’ve head people around them mentioning them, but they had never gotten the chance to see one. Until now. And it had completely made the boys day. They wanted, no, they needed to get a better view of it, and there was nothing now that could be able to change their minds. 

However, the dragon seemed to be lying down on the ground, maybe it was even asleep but who knew. Without thinking it twice, they started making its way to the creature, tip toeing and being careful of not making a sound as to not startle the dragon. As they got closer they got a better view of it, making wide smiles appear on their faces. It was huge!! Bigger than what the boys had thought and less colorful too. 

Hamish, Hubert and Harris kept on walking until they were a few feet away from the dragon. Walking closer to the dragon’s head, they boys said “‘Ello, dragon” in unison. 



“You’re right! Thanks Hamish! Just eggs? Do you guys not get Easter eggs? They can walk! It’s really cool. Maybe if Bunny gives me some I can show you.”

Harris: “How ca’ the’ walk? Tha’ weird” 

Hubert: “Aye, tha’ sounds nice”

Hide and Seek? 


“Well, I wasn’t sure if he’d decide that I’d taste just as good as the fish or not,” Hiccup admitted, “There were plenty of stories of Vikings just getting carried off during raids and never coming back.  But I couldn’t stop thinking about how he couldn’t fish or leave.  He’d starve out there, I had to try something… So I went down to the Cove and through this narrow path from the top to his level.  I couldn’t see him at first and thought about leaving, but when I turned around he was right there.”

“I was pretty surprised, but I offered him the fish anyway and he slowly came forward with his mouth open a bit.  There weren’t any teeth in there, so I started to ask him if he was Toothless, and then his teeth just came back out of his gums and he grabbed the fish and ate it in one bite!  I pulled my hands back out of the way, and then he started looking at me, so I backed up and told him that I didn’t have anymore… And then he spit half the fish back up for me,” Hiccup made a face at the memory, “It was a sign of trust I guess, because he clearly expected me to eat it… So I did.”

Hamish had his eyes wide open, waiting for the boy to continue the story. Harris made a face just like the older boy had made when he mentioned the spit fish. The boys sometimes ate fish, but Harris had never been a fan of it, and he was less of a fan than what he already was now. The other triplet, Hubert, turned to look at his brothers and saw Harris expresion. He smiled, right before he playfully teased his brother about it. 

Hamish turned to look at his brothers and he couldn’t help but let out a small laugh at the sight. Hubert laughed as well.

"But how ca’ eaitin’ a fis’ be a sign o’ trust?" Harris asked with a small voice, eyeing his brothers with a mix of hate and sadness for teasing him. 

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Trip and Fall - Gothel and the Wee Devils 


Gothel accepted the cup from…Hubert, was it? Or was it Harry? She picked up the peppermint, cloves and blackberry leaves and rubbed them together between the tips of her fingers. “Of course I’m not your mother, dear,” Gothel said conversationally, as she began to rip the rosemary leaves into small pieces. “But you call ‘Mother Goose’ by the term ‘Mother’, do you not? If you prefer, Gothel will suffice.”

Dropping the herbs into the cup, she swirled them around with the tip of her finger. If the boys had been holding the cup, perhaps they would have noticed that the liquid became hotter and hotter with each swirl. When the liquid became too hot for Gothel’s finger, she placed the thick cup at the very edge of the fire, in amongst the hot embers. The wood was so thick and polished that it was at no risk of catching fire.

The three boys sat together on the floor. Their small legs in front of them and their hands on their laps. It was not now that they felt intimidated by the woman, but they felt intimidated, they couldn’t lie. Around them, the boys felt the air tense, like when they got in real trouble and Mum or Da’ wanted to talk to them. Maybe the atmosphere around them had changed because of her telling the boys her name which include the word ‘Mother’ and that automatically made them think of Mum and in how much trouble they were going to be since she always said ‘Don’t leave the walls of the castle and go into the forest’ and ‘Don’t talk to strangers’ 

The boys look at each other and silently they exchanged ideas just with the sight, like if they knew exactly what they had to say. “If tha’ is yer naime then we’ll call yer Moth’r Gothel” Hamish spoke, followed by his brother Harris. “Do yer haive children?”

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Morning adventures || Pippa & The Boys 


Pippa didn’t quite understand what the three boys said but she gave a smile anyway. At least she know that they were definitely not from here. She could see how the boys enjoyed her food so much and she decided to get going.

“Okay, well, see you guys around.”

She turned and walk away. They were real nice boys, and she hope they won’t be any trouble.

The three boys watched the girl stand up and say goodbye. The boys looked at each other, some crumbs of the ‘Oreos’ they’ve had were on their cheeks, but none of them said anything about that. Instead they wondered why she was leaving. 

The triplets stood up and walked closer to her, and then they asked. “Wh’ aere yer leavin’?” Hubert asked. “D’ yer haive prince’ss duties?” asked Hamish after his brother.

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Pranks and more pranks || The boys & Jack  


Jack mirrored their wide smiles, glad that they were believers. It was always nice to not have to make yourself be noticed. “I was looking for Merida, but she must be busy or… away or something,” he rubbed the back of his head, taking a quick glance around.

“What’re you boys up to? You looked pretty bored just before,” Jack chuckled, his dark brows rising questioningly.

The three boys nodded. “Aye. Merida is busy, and so is Da’. And Mum.” they informed the older boy, with a little sadness in their voice. There was nothing that the boys would more adore at that moment than having someone to play, either if it was to play around or someone to play a joke on. 

The boys felt a cold shiver run down their small backs. Bored. They despised that word. Being bored meant that they had nothing to do, and having nothing to do was terrible. And there was nothing more terrible than sitting around doing nothing. “Aye, we aere… bo’red.” Hamish started. “We doin’ knew wot t’ do.” Hubert continued. Harris nodded. 

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Trip and Fall - Gothel and the Wee Devils 


Gothel looked up from her herbs and straight into the boys eyes. She knew exactly how to make her eyes cold and dangerous. In a measured voice, she said, “I simply lit a fire,” without any explanation. She continued to stare at the boys, with a gaze which could freeze, a terse silence extending between them.

Suddenly, she shattered the iciness in her eyes, and looked down at her herbs once more. “Boys, you may call me Mother Gothel. Will one of you take this cup and fill it with water from that stream?” she asked, holding up the wooden mug and pointing towards the little beck nearby. 

The boys had never seen anyone built a fire so quickly, they wondered what the woman had done. Maybe a thunder had hit and had started a fire. The triplets had seen that happened before. They shook the thought. Maybe she will give away how she had done that, most of the people gave out information even if they didn’t want to. That’s something that the boys had learnt. 

"Mother Gothel?" the three asked with a small voice. "Why Mo’the’?" Harris asked. "Yer aere no’ our Mum" Hubert continued to say with a small voice, hoping that she wouldn’t get offended. Maybe Mother was her first name, but the boys didn’t know. Hubert walked forward and grabbed the mug that the older woman was holding out. The triplets raced towards the stream she had mentioned, filling the cup with water, they turned and made their way back. His small hands cupped the wooden vase. There were times where Hubert would let some water feel, by accident of course, but he managed to bring most of the cup filled with water. 

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Pranks and more pranks || The boys & Jack  


Hearing the boys calling out to him, Jack fell backwards, keeping his legs wrapped around the tree branch. Now hanging upside down, he flashed them a devilish grin. “Hey there,” he waved shortly before letting his arms dangle. 

“I’m a friend of Merida’s,” he told them, twirling his staff between his fingers. “Name’s Jack Frost,” feeling a little light-headed, from the blood rushing to his head, he unhooked his legs and decided to float in the air instead. 

“And lemme guess, you’re her little brothers? The hair kinda gives you away,” he snickered. 

Jack, the name had a familiar ring. Maybe they’ve heard it before. Yes! They’ve heard it before. Merida might have mentioned it. And this boy had also mentioned that he was a friend of Merida’s. It made sense.

They nodded with a big smile on their faces. They didn’t understood why but according to what Dad had told them once only their family, who were the royal family, only had their type of hair. Curly and messy red hair.

"Aere yer lookin’ fer Merida?" Hubert asked.

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Wee Devils

Whenever there is trouble aboot, it is probably because of us.

Hamish, Hubert and Harris, princes of the DunBroch family.

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